White PET masterbatch

How do PET coating materials display different colors? Need a color scheme? What about focusing on this aspect of color matching? Experts mention using toner and masterbatch, and using a small amount of masterbatch for better results. Most PET and TPR are transparent, translucent and white and easy to color. Select appropriate toner or masterbatch. In general, SBC based PET/TPR is superior to other types of PET/TPR materials in terms of coloring. SBC based PET/TPR materials require only a small amount of masterbatch to achieve the desired color effect, and the mixed colors are purer and more vivid than other types of PET/TPR. It should be noted that the viscosity of the masterbatch is lower than that of PET/TPR because the melt index of PET/TPR is higher than that of the masterbatch, which is conducive to dispersion and more uniform color distribution.

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