Straightening device

Emphasize a point here, the screw rod and machine barrel these two important parts, one is slender thread rod, one is the diameter is relatively small and long hole, their mechanical processing and heat treatment process are more complex, the accuracy of the guarantee are more difficult. Maintenance of the screw barrel must be sent to the manufacturer for a complete set of processing, otherwise there may be new screw and old machine barrel do not cooperate with the problem. Therefore, the wear of these two parts is to repair or replace a new piece, must be a comprehensive analysis. If the cost of repair is lower than the cost of replacement screw, then decide to repair, this is not necessarily the right choice, repair cost and update cost comparison, only one aspect. See repair cost and the ratio that use screw rod time after repairing and update cost and update screw use time even additionally. It is the right choice to adopt the scheme with small ratio.

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