PET coated steel wire for stationery

PET is both plastic and rubber, known as the "third generation synthetic rubber". In PET, SBS styrene block copolymer occupies an important position. It is a kind of environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomer material which can replace PVC and soft vulcanized rubber with the largest production and the fastest development in the world. PET material can replace PVC as the insulation material of wire and cable. At present, it is used in the fields of low temperature, aging resistance and good tactile sense, especially in some high-end consumer electronics, such as data cable, earphone cable, electronic cable, power cord, signal cable, etc. With the rapid development of China's economy, new and high technology constantly updated, products to high-level development, low smoke halogen-free cable varieties and number will gradually increase, so we believe, low smoke halogen-free series wire and cable thermoplastic elastomer market share will increase year by year, this is the general trend! PET environment-friendly cable will strongly drive the development of the cable industry, enhance the competitiveness of cable manufacturers, and make the cable industry more stable on the road of sustainable development through green practice and innovation.